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Rolex Day Date Replica: Precision And Reliability
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The replica Rolex Day-Date is a watch of many firsts: the first watch to indicate the date in the three o’clock position, and the first to indicate the day of the week in the 12 o’clock position. Over the years, the Day-Day would become a cult watch within a brand which already boasts many icons in its collection. Rolex released more than 20 different Day-Date models, featuring several calibers and even a quartz version, with calendars translated in more than 26 languages worldwide.


You’ve done your research. You’re not going to buy just any watch. It needs to carry some weight, some significance. That doesn’t mean you have to go with the original icon. You leave that to the vintage collector. You’re a modern man, and you want to impress your contemporaries. The sight of any icon commands respect within the watch collecting community, and admiration from the outside. So please look at this rolex day date replica watch.

Featuring a modernized design with a 40mm case as well as a new mechanical movement which sets a new standard for chronometric performance. Aesthetically, the rolex day date replica watch celebrates the look of the original design, with refined lugs and middle case, a broad and clear dial, as well as an exclusive return to the original bracelet that was created specially for the Day-Date in 1956. The timepiece also features stick markers, polished stainless steel case and sapphire crystal glass face with anti-reflective coating which show your best personality. Moreover, the white carbon dial is topped by a gold bezel, the hour, minute and the second hand lie in the centre whilst you’ll find the date display stands at 3 o’ clock. In a word, this rolex day date replica offers fundamental gains in terms of precision and reliability.