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Striking Black Rolex Daytona Watches Highlight This Cold Winter
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Rolex Daytona is a masterpiece that integrates practical functionality and ingenious design. Rolex Daytona is well acknowledged by professional racing drivers for its extraordinary chronograph and exclusive bezel with tachymetric scale. The Daytona collection becomes standout thanks to its function of measuring average speeds. Cool design with distinctive function brings it to be a quintessence in the sports watches.



Black Rolex Daytona watches are always appealing to great racing drivers and sportsmen for their cool design. This model is considered as an iconic item for its impressive black dial. Striking numerals together with red and luminous hands perfectly ornament the 40mm black dial, to enable wearers to easily read off the time. Red color is an embodiment of great passion for sports. These bold embellishments also add stylish elements and a slightly sporty casual to black Rolex Daytona watches. Case and strap in 18ct gold provide a luxury and firm enhancement for this sporty watch. What makes most people wide-eyed and open-mouthed is the fact that the real second hand is set in the sub counter at 6 o’clock while the minute hand and hour minute are respectively set in other two sub counters. Different hands smoothly and precisely move without interfering with each other. The design of three snailed sub counters reflects Rolex’s maximum creativity and sophisticated function. This piece could accurately read time even to 1/8 second.

Since Rolex unveiled its black Rolex Daytona watches to the world, they are quickly snapped up by the sportsmen and watch collectors. Timeless design and peerless accuracy have won this black Daytona lots of fames and made it distinguished amongst all collections. Though it costs a fortune, most ordinary like me is still deeply attracted both by its modern and passionate design. As a style follower, I would prefer to get a piece of replica Rolex Daytona in affordable price to highlight my wrist in this cold winter. Refined replica Rolex Daytona with sophisticated craft would be my option. If you share some feeling with me, just catch this favorable moment to obtain one.


December 10th

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