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Rolex Replica Watches: Minimalist Design With Harmonious Aesthetics
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Minimalism is ready to make another stir this year in the field of timepieces. And this time, Rolex interprets that with its 39mm Oyster Perpetual watches. The emerging of these simplistic watches is really surprising but not disappointing. The simplicity both in design and function is unexpected to watch buyers. However, it doesn’t mean that simplified models are inferior. These understated pieces make themselves stunning timekeepers with their excellent precision and directly display way. And in style, they keep luxury but not grandiose without deviating from Rolex’s concept. And also, the simpler it is, the more timeless it would be. As a result, these Oyster Perpetual 39 mm watches as well as their replicas are competent to be obsolescence-free dressy accessories.


Replica 39mm Rolex Oyster Perpetual watches, as the name indicates, feature a more contemporary size measuring 39 mm. And as the original items do, these Rolex replica watches also offer three versions, including watches with blue, grey and grape dials. The colorful dials just bring these Rolex replica watches an exotic feel and turn the already composed design into something slightly playful. Well, most men may be shy of the grape models as the color seems girly. And the grey ones are considered as the safest and decent items. Similar with black, grey becomes much more prevailing in the fashion field due to its strong versatility and neutral feel. And the grey Rolex replica watches further prove that. The grey sunray dial looks perfectly with the the sober steel case and bracelet. And thanks to the pretty sunray finished, the minimalist dial successfully avoid an obvious look. There are only stick-like hour markers and baton-style hands decorating the dial and displaying time. The most conspicuous difference between these items and other Oyster Perpetual watches is that the date window is absent this time. Instead of giving an incomplete look, it maximizes the harmonious aesthetics of the dial.

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