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Rolex Replica Watches: Casual Accent Added To The Already Luxury Design
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Rolex, as a most powerful name in the watch field, has been long considered as the synonym for unassuming luxury and durable excellence. Well, Rolex has added something great-looking these years. After the colorful Rolex Day-Date watches introduced in 2013 and the fresh Milgauss watch launched in 2014, a brand-new watch has been brought to the Rolex’s Yacht-Master line this year. Yacht-Master models are considered as the impeccable sports watches since they work well no matter at sea or on land. And the neoteric Yacht-Master watch, besides displaying the functional perfection, also perfectly blends the sportive characteristics with the essence of luxury. And replica Yacht-Master watches are also regarded as the liftstyle items.
Replica Yacht-Master 116655 watches make themselves trend-setting items this year by combining the lustrous rose gold case with the matt black dial and casual rubber strap. These Rolex replica watches are created with precious rose gold cases in the diameter of 40 mm. And it is the black hue that offers these Rolex replica watches a cool and modern feel. Also, the warm luster of the rose gold is maximized when it goes with the black dial, bezel and strap. With the famous Rolex traits, these Rolex replica watches can be easily recognized as the descendants of Rolex. Rolex always know that great readability should be as important as highly performance. Hence, the matt black is embellished by the particularly readable hour markers and hands with luminescent treatment and the magnified date window. The whole dial is just kept high-contrast and clear without losing a stylish look. And what circles the dial is the matching ceramic bezel with numerals in deep relief. The specially finished bezel is what brings exclussive and ingenious charm to these Rolex replica watches. And the pure black rubber strap just offers a casual accent to the already luxury watch.

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