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Replica Cartier Santos Watches: Combine Fresh Modernity With Retro Aesthetics
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When it comes to the blockbuster design of Cartier, Tank and Santos would surely be mentioned. These two collections are considered as the most legerdary watch lines in Cartier house. The first Santos models was created in 1904 to fulfill  the famous Brazilian aviator Alberto Santos Dumont’s wish to keep track of time during flying. Well, that was not the only reason why this Santos watch was particularly high-profile. Also, this model was the first men’s wristwatch created by Cartier. And the angular case with square bezel has been the emblematic character of Cartier Santos, and also the code of eternal elegance. Different from models with classic-style round case, Cartier Santos watches with slightly bold yet vintage-inspired design, perfectly combine the fresh modernity with retro aesthetics. The Santos Galbee watch with amazing two-tone design was the most impressive model to fascinate most ladies as soon as it was introduced. And its replicas have also enjoyed undiminished popularity till today.
Replica Santos Galbee watches find a balance between classicism and modernity by blending the bi-color case with the extremely vintage dial. These replica Cartier Santos watches feature the no-nonsense steel case with smoothly curved angles. And the seemingly square golden bezel mounted on the case brings a neoteric accent and highlights the noble touch. The reason why these replica Cartier Santos watches are special is not only due to the mix-material design, but also owning to the distinctive steel bracelet finished by steel bars which are decorated with golden screws. Such an ingenious bracelet just make these replica Cartier Santos watches not sheer timing tools, but also modern dressing accessories. Well, the silvered dial with black Roman numerals, rail-style minute scale and blued steel hands in sword shape is the utmost expression of the vintage elegance of these replica Santos watches.

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