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Panerai Tuttonero—Noble Wristwatch With Strong Power Reserve Function
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If you want to get fake mechanical watch, you should pay attention to its precision and power reserve. It is known to all watch faddists that pursuing precision is the aim for all mechanical watch makers since some of timepieces may stop working if you don’t wear them even for one day. Power reserve is another important aspect to show the excellence of watch. Generally speaking, most mechanical watches have power reserve of 24 hours to 48 hours. So that a watch have advantage in this aspect will be more popular with watch buyers.

Now I want to introduce a fake Panerai power reserve timepieces featuring strong power reserve. That is Panerai Tuttonero—a watch introduced in SIHH in 2012. With a power reserve up to three days, this watch instantly grabbed people’s attention at the watch show. Except its advantage in power reserve, this watch deserve your attention thank to its classy and refined look. As its name Tuttonero (Tuttonero means all black in Italian) suggests, the watch is characterized with black bracelet, dial and bezel.   Even the caseback is colored black. Hone finished ceramic has further enhanced the charm of the wristwatch. The in-homed movement P.9001/B has created a list of functions including the power reserve and dual display for the watch.

Unlike its original version, the movement of this fake anerai power reserve is replaced with a very durable Asian movement, but it is equipped with strong power reserve function which is also the most important reason for this fake Panerai power reserve to stand out among the replica lists.

Black symbolizes nobility and mystery. This black Panerai power reserve is also a good embellishment for your suit if you need to attend some important events. If you are seeking for a replica with strong power reserve function, try it!

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