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Omega Replica Watches: Boldly Chic Details Added To The Decent Design
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2015 is definitely a year when Omega deeply shocks watch buyers. Besides the astonishing Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional Silver Snoopy watch and the subtle Globalmaster models, there is still a fantastic Speedmaster “First Omega In Space” watch introduced this year. It is a item that can easily captivate watch buyers due to its characteristic design. This Speedmaster Moonwatch Numbered Edition watch met different tastes with a bold yet decent design. The iconic Speedmaster design concept and Omega’s adventurous spirit are interpreted in a totally new form. And the replica models are just the gifts to watch buyers who hunt for distinctive and fancy Speedmaster watches.
Replica Speedmaster Moonwatch Numbered Edition watches fully retell the fantastic traits of the original model by imitating every detail of it. These Omega replica watches are made out of rose gold with a size measuring 39.7 mm. They are distinguishable items since the widely recognizable Speedmaster design is kept. But the bold combination of colors turns the already classic design to be especially fresh and ingenious. Similar with other replica Speedmaster watches, these Omega replica watches bear ceramic bezel inserts with tachymeter scale. And the high-contrast dial gives a well-defined look. The chocolate minute scale ring and matching recessed subdials perfectly embellish the silvered dial. Thanks to  the contrasting hues, this unique dial is also called a “panda dial” with great readability. Three sub-dials with golden sweeping hands respectively indicate small seconds, 30-minute and 12-hour at the same time when three central hands display hours, minutes and seconds. Well, the stitching dark brown alligator leather strap which echoes the bezel and dial in tone just finishes the classy look of these Omega replica watches. Undoubtedly, these Omega replica watches work well no matter for showing the sportively chic style or expressing decent elegance. What’s more, the caseback which is engraved with a seahorse and the “The First Omega In Space” text further underscores the uniqueness of these replica Speedmaster watches.

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