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Cartier Tortue Watch Offers the Modern Men Masculine Elegance
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In 1912, Cartier released a lady wristwatch collection, Tortue, which features good circular curved lines and elegant dial design. At that time, circular curved watches seemed to be welcomed by people. Catching up with the pace with the age, Cartier launched the first Tortue watch for men. As expected, the men’s Cartier Tortue watches were really successful. On some vogue magazines, Cartier Tortue watches are named as the preferred choice for the modern fashion men.

Different from the elegance of ladies’ Cartier Tortue watches, the timepieces for men are filled with robust and masculine beauty. They completely suit the aesthetic requirements of the modern men. Of course, the style is determined by the design of the watch. Chimera, a traditional design topic of Cartier, is used on Cartier Tortue. It is the reason why Cartier Tortue watches have distinctive dissymmetric design. On the dial, a small counter is set at 12 o’clock. It indicates the month and year. At 6o’clock, the counter shows the day of the week. The bezel is engraved with bold black Arabic numbers, which amazingly the changes of the date in every month. The dial also bears striking black Roman markers with white outlines and hands. In recent years, Cartier has been devoted to make more precise clock mechanism and has achieved some results. The movement fitted in Cartier Tortue watch is 9422MC self-winding one with complex perpetual calendar. It makes the watch become powerful perpetual calendar timepiece.

With the perfect combination between practical functions and elegant design, Cartier Tortue has been doomed to be the ultimate choice. If you are a man and want to own a powerful timepiece, you should consider buying a Cartier Tortue watch. Of course, you have to pay a lot of money for the watch. If you do not mind, choosing a replica Cartier Tortue watch is another choice.

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