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Adorable Top Luxury Rolex Watches
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It is said that China has become the biggest consumer country of luxury watches. When it comes to the shopping of top luxury Rolex watches, what comes to Chinese buyers is an idiom “yilaoyongyi”(一劳永逸, here “劳” is the abbreviation for “劳力士”, the Chinese name for Rolex ), which means that it is enough for one to buy a Rolex all his life since Rolex is so durable that it can serve for a lifelong time.

Well, though I don’t make a survey about the Rolex watch longevity, I have great confidence in the quality of top luxury Rolex watches. The confidence comes from my grandfather whose Rolex bought half century ago still work on a stable basis. Besides, great tributes from Rolex buyers in the world can be easily found online. Among them, durability, accuracy and quality materials are the three premier merits that top luxury Rolex watches impress their fans.

The following reasons may be the best evidence of the prestigious Rolex.

First, Rolex uses in home movements which are certificated by COSC— the most authoritative and strict inspection organization. Generally, the mechanical watches reaching the standard of keeping the watch error between 4~-6 seconds per day can be regarded as the first-class watches. The watch error of 4-6 seconds has been a demanding requirement. However, Rolex manage to keep the error within two seconds—that’ why it is known as the most accurate watch brand in the watch world.

Second, top luxury Rolex watches are also reputed by their outstanding waterproofness. This brand boasts models which can stand water depth as deep as 3900 meters—the deepest water-resistant function.

Third, the adoption of 904L makes the top luxury Rolex watches outstanding from other brands, which tend to use 316L. The cost of 904L is almost equal to platinum. Its innovation of eternal rose gold is still an incomparable success.

The above features are the main reasons making contributing to Rolex’s household name but they are not “all about”.


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